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A forum open to all APTA Geriatrics members to create new conversation threads for discussion, questions, and collaboration.

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I’m so happy you are starting this! Thank you!

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The Academy knows how important connection is for our community and how missed the Yahoo Listerv was! This has been in the works for a few years - happy to see it finally come to life and give members a place to connect!

Yippee! I’m excited about this as well. Good job, Dana, with getting it up and running. It looks very nice.

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Thank you @rachael.waltonmouw so happy to have you here as part of this community! I know you will share an amazing amount of knowledge with other Academy members!

Anyone know if there is a place to purchase practice CGS tests? I am using Medbridge but looking for additional testing resources like we did for the NPTE. Thank you!

Anyone used this resource before or heard about others using it? Is it worth it?

Is there a better place to put questions about the exam? Thank you in advance!